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Terraria guide: Achievements

There are 104 achievements for PC and mobile players to collect

A Terraria character stands in a tower filled with boss trophies next to a tall building filled with NPCs. Image: Re-Logic via Polygon

Terraria has tons of achievements to unlock as you explore the world, some which are easy to unlock and some which require more work to complete. Our Terraria achievements guide lists out the various achievements for PC and mobile, as well as the consoles Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, all updated for patch 1.4.

Many of Terraria’s achievements will unlock as you progress naturally. Each boss in the game has a corresponding achievements, and you’ll unlock tons of them as you enter new biomes, mine new materials, and keep making new items. However, there are tons of achievements you can only obtain from beating rare enemies or making specific items, so you’ll definitely want to keep track of these.

Achievements will still unlock in Terraria’s “Journey Mode” which serves as the games sandbox mode, so keep this in mind as you can’t reset achievements on most platforms (including Steam) without using a third-party program.

Below we list all the achievements you can get in Terraria for Steam, mobile devices, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. There are also a handful of achievements that are PC and mobile only, which we’ve labeled as such.

Terraria Achievements list

Achievement name How to complete achievement
Achievement name How to complete achievement
Timber!! Chop down a tree.
No Hobo Build an NPC-livable house, with a door, seating item, surface item, light source, and walls.
Stop! Hammer Time! Obtain a hammer.
Ooo! Shiny! Mine an ore.
Heart Breaker Break a Life Crystal underground.
Heavy Metal Obtain an Iron or Lead Anvil.
I am Loot! Open a Gold Chest underground.
Star Power Consume a Mana Crystal.
Hold on Tight! Equip a Grappling Hook.
Eye on You Defeat the Eye of Cthulhu.
Smashing, Poppet! Smash a Shadow Orb or Crimson Heart in Corrupted or Crimson underground biomes.
Worm Fodder Defeat the Eater of Worlds.
Mastermind Defeat the Brain of Cthulhu.
Where's My Honey? Discover a Bee Hive underground.
Sting Operation Defeat the Queen Bee.
Boned Defeat Skeletron.
Dungeon Heist Use a key to unlock a Gold Chest inside the Dungeon.
It's Getting Hot in Here Reach the Underworld.
Miner for Fire Craft a Molten Pickaxe using 20 Hellstone Bars.
Still Hungry Defeat the Wall of Flesh.
It's Hard! Enter Hardmode (which activates after defeating the Wall of Flesh).
Begone, Evil! Smash a demon or crimson altar with the Pwnhammer, dropped from the Wall of Flesh.
Extra Shiny! Mine a Hardmode ore: Cobalt, Palladium, Mythril, Orichalcum, Adamantite, or Titanium ore.
Head in the Clouds Equip a pair of Wings.
Like a Boss Obtain a boss-summoning item.
Drax Attax Craft a Drax or Pickaxe Axe using Hallowed Bars and Souls.
Photosynthesis Mine Chlorophyte Ore.
Get a Life Eat a Life Fruit.
The Great Southern Plantkill Defeat Plantera.
Temple Raider Unlock the Lihzahrd Door to the Jungle Temple using the Jungle Key dropped by Plantera.
Lihzahrdian Idol Defeat Golem in the Jungle Temple.
Robbing the Grave Obtain a rare item from an enemy in the Dungeon after you beat Plantera.
Big Booty Open a Biome Chest using a special key after you beat Plantera.
Fish Out of Water Defeat Duke Fishron.
Obsessive Devotion Defeat the Lunatic Cultist after you defeat the Golem.
Star Destroyerer Defeat the four Celestial Towers after you beat the Lunatic Cultist.
Champion of Terraria Defeat the Moon Lord that appears after you destroy the Celestial Towers.
Bloodbath Survive the Blood Moon.
Slippery Shinobi Defeat King Slime that spawns during a Slime Rain event.
Goblin Punter Defeat the Goblin Army.
Walk the Plank Defeat the Pirate Invasion.
Kill the Sun Survive a Solar Eclipse.
Do You Want to Slay a Snowman? Defeat the Frost Legion.
Tin-Foil Hatter Defeat the Martian Invasion.
Baleful Harvest Reach the 15th wave of a Pumpkin Moon.
Ice Scream Reach the 15th wave of a Frost Moon.
Sticky Situation Survive the Slime Rain.
Real Estate Agent Host all 21 Town NPCs in houses.
Not the Bees! Fire a Bee Gun while wearing a full set of Bee Armor, made from Bee Wax.
Jeepers Creepers Enter an underground Spider Cave.
Funkytown Enter an above-ground Glowing Mushroom biome.
Into Orbit Enter the topmost area of space.
Rock Bottom Reach the bottom of The Underworld.
Mecha Mayhem Defeat The Destroyer, The Twins, and Skeletron Prime all at once.
Gelatin World Tour Defeat at least one of each type of slime enemy.
Fashion Statement Equip armor or vanity clothing in all three social slots.
Vehicular Manslaughter Kill an enemy by running it over with a minecart.
Bulldozer Destroy a total of 10,000 tiles.
There are Some Who Call Him... Defeat Tim, the Wizard Hat-wearing rare enemy in the Cavern Layer of the world.
Deceiver of Fools Defeat a Nymph, the transforming rare enemy that will first appear as a Lost Girl.
Sword of the Hero Obtain a Terra Blade by using a True Night's Edge, True Excalibur, and Broken Hero Sword at a Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil.
Lucky Break Survive a fall with a sliver of health remaining.
Throwing Lines Throw a yoyo.
Dye Hard Equip a dye in each dye slot.
Sick Throw Get the Terrarian yoyo, dropped by the Moon Lord.
The Frequent Flyer Spend over 1 Gold being treated by the Nurse.
The Cavalry Equip a mount.
Completely Awesome Obtain the Minishark gun from the Arms Dealer.
Til Death ... Kill The Groom, the zombie that spawns during a Blood Moon.
Archaelogist Defeat Doctor Bones, the rare zombie that appears in the Jungle and Underground Jungle at night.
Pretty in Pink Defeat the rare slime Pinky, that appears in th Forest Biome and Underground.
Rainbows and Unicorns Fire a Rainbow Gun while riding a Unicorn mount.
You and What Army? Command 9 summoned minions at once.
Prismancer Obtain the Rainbow Rod by crafting Crystal Shards, Unicorn Horns, Pixie Dust, Souls of Light, and Souls of Sight at a Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil.
It Can Talk? Build a house in a mushroom biome and have the Truffle move in.
Watch your Step! Get killed by a trap.
Marathon Medalist Travel a total of 26.2 miles on foot.
Glorious Golden Pole Obtain the Golden Fishing Rod from the Angler after completing 30 quests.
Servant-in-Training Complete 1 Angler Quest.
Good Little Slave Complete 10 Angler Quests.
Trout Monkey Complete 25 Angler Quests.
Fast and Fishious Complete 50 Angler Quests.
Supreme Helper Minion Complete 200 Angler Quests.
Topped Off Attain maximum life and mana possible without accessories or buffs.
Slayer of Worlds Defeat every boss in Terraria, though Empress of Light and Queen Slime do not count towards this.
You Can Do It! Survive your character's first full night.
Matching Attire Equip armor in all three armor slots: head, chest, and feet.
Benched (PC/mobile only) Craft your first Work Bench.
Fae Flayer (PC/mobile only) Defeat the Empress of Light in the Hallow.
Just Desserts (PC/mobile only) Defeat the Queen Slime in the Hallow.
Don't Dread on Me (PC/mobile only) Defeat the Dreadnautilus, summoned by fishing during a Blood Moon.
Hero of Etheria (PC/mobile only) Defeat all of the Old One's Army.
Infinity +1 Sword (PC/mobile only) Obtain the Zenith sword by crafting the Terra Blade, Meowmere, Star Wrath, Influx Waver, Horseman's Blade, Seedler, Starfury, Bee Keeper, Enchanted Sword, and Copper Shortsword together using a Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil.
Boots of the Hero (PC/mobile only) Obtain the Terraspark Boots by combining the Frostspark Boots and Lava Waders using a Tinkerer's Workshop.
A Rather Blustery Day (PC/mobile only) Fly a kite on a windy day.
Quiet Neighborhood (PC/mobile only) Enter a graveyard.
Hot Reels! (PC/mobile only) Use a fishing pole in lava.
Heliophobia (PC/mobile only) Turn a Gnome into a Garden Gnome by exposing it to sun outdoors.
Leading Landlord (PC/mobile only) Talk to any NPC in a home while their happiness is maxed out.
Feeling Petty (PC/mobile only) Pet a town pet.
Hey! Listen! (PC/mobile only) Encounter a Fairy.
Jolly Jamboree (PC/mobile only) Throw a party.
Dead Men Tell No Tales (PC/mobile only) Die within 10 seconds after activating a Dead Man's chest.

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