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The Evil Within 2 guide: Chapter 9 collectibles

Another Evil key statue and file

In this guide, we’ll show you where to find the collectibles in The Evil Within 2’s ninth chapter, “Another Evil.”

The Evil Within 2 is full of things to discover, seek out, find and collect. Some of them are useful, like ammo pouches or locker key statues (those knee-high statues scattered around). These get you something immediately(ish) helpful in your journey through Union. The other things you can pick up are just purely collectible. They’re not useful except to satisfy your completionist urges.

Chapter 9 ‘Another Evil’ collectible locations

The Evil Within 2 Chapter 9 has one file and one key statue to pick up. This is another Domain (but not the Strange Domain from before), so there’s no map for this area. We’ll give you plenty of pictures to orient yourself, though.

Tango Gameworks/Bethesda Softworks

We’re going to orient ourselves based on where you enter the cellblock and where you exit it. When you first walk in, there are cells on your right and left, and the exit — the portcullis that’s missing the crank handle — is more or less straight ahead. Just ahead of you and a little to the right, there’s a locked door that leads to a section we’ll call the middle.

Key statue

As you go through the catacomb cells to clear out all the zombies, watch for a key statue on an altar in the second cell on the left. You won’t be able to get to it until after you retrieve the crank handle and open the doors, though, so make sure to come back for it.

File: Burnt Page from ‘Submit to Freedom’ 1

This file is easy to miss, and you can’t get back to this area, so make sure you grab it. After you retrieve the handle and make your way back through the cell block picking up drops and getting the key statue above, head into the middle section — the section between the rows of cells. At the very back, you’ll find a zombie praying at an altar in a creepy, butchering room. The file is on the altar in front of the zombie.

Crossbow ammo pouch

You don’t even have to leave the room with the altar for the next important pickup. On a bench on the far side of the table behind you, there’s a crossbow ammo pouch.

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