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The Evil Within 2 guide: Chapter 10 collectibles

Hidden from the Start statue and a sniper rifle ammo pouch

In this guide, we’ll show you where to find the collectibles in The Evil Within 2’s tenth chapter, “Hidden from the Start.”

The Evil Within 2 is full of things to discover, seek out, find and collect. Some of them are useful, like ammo pouches or locker key statues (those knee-high statues scattered around). These get you something immediately(ish) helpful in your journey through Union. The other things you can pick up are just purely collectible. They’re not useful except to satisfy your completionist urges.

Chapter 10 ‘Hidden from the Start’ collectible locations

The Evil Within 2 Chapter 10 has one key statue and one ammo pouch to pick up. You’re back in the “real” world, so we’ve included maps this time.

Key statue

After you survive the zombie assault on Torres’ cabin, she’ll give you a minute to gather supplies. In the second room — the one she leads you into after the last zombie dies — look up above you. You can see a key statue through the hole in the ceiling. (This is a different hole in the ceiling than the one in the room you wake up in, so don’t get confused here.)

Sniper rifle ammo pouch

A little while later (after Torres and Sebastian’s walk and talk), you’ll have to fight off some lava zombies to get through to Torres’ safe house. On the far side of the barricades, there are two Mobius APCs. Climb up into the back of the one on the right — the one parked right up against the building — to find this ammo pouch.

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