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The Last Guardian walkthrough part 12: After falling through the roof

Getting down from the tree, getting out of the hole, a lot of ledges, suits of armor with shields

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

After the mean trico — the tricopath, if you will — swats you and Trico back down to the ground, Trico is in pretty rough shape and you're stuck in a tree.

Mash some buttons to struggle, but you're not getting down on your own. Call to Trico for help, then keep calling until he jumps above you and you can reach his tail.

Climb up and Trico will hop down to the floor. You've been here before. Trico once again lays down and won't move again until you feed him.

Directly ahead of Trico, there's a crack in the wall. Climb up the rubble to get to it, then go through. Over to the left, you'll find a Trico Treat. This is another barrel-physics puzzle room, so prepare yourself for that. This will take you several tries.

Pick up the barrel, and carry it up the ramp all the way to the right. Toss it over to the ramp right next to the one you're on. Aim a little uphill of where you are, though, because you have to jump over and catch it before it rolls away. Pick the barrel up again, and carry it to the bottom of the ramp. Toss it over to the platform ahead of you. Hop over there, pick it up, and toss it onto the ramp on the far left side of the room. Once again, aim uphill.

Toss the barrel one last time to the base of the stairs. Jump over there, then carry the barrel all the way to the top. Go through the doors and drop the barrel down to Trico.

Once he's fed, Trico will carry you up and back out of the building. Keep encouraging him to jump until you come to a corner of the walls.

Climb down Trico's tail, and jump to the ledge. Follow the ledge around, and jump to the platform on your right. Use the ledges to move all the way to the right, then climb up.

Hop across the platforms, and go around the corner of the building to the left. Jump to the ledges and climb up from there.

You'll be on a ledge with three open windows. Inside, you'll see two suits of armor below you. Once again, there's no good way to do this without getting spotted. And that's OK, because this time you're going on the offensive.

Use the same approach as always: Keep moving, lead them away to get some breathing room, mash all the buttons to escape when you get caught. There are some tunnels under the elevated walkway to help you maneuver around the room, and the room on the other side of the walkway (at the other end of those tunnels) is big enough to let you maneuver.

What you won't see at first is a new enemy — two suits of armor with stained glass eye shields. They're currently harassing Trico off to your left at the end of that elevated walkway. These are your targets.

Use a combination of your speed, the tunnels and the open room to get away from the regular suits. Then you can turn your attention to the shield suits.

The tip that pops up tells you how you're going to pull this off — a shove/diving tackle attack that you haven't gotten to use yet. We recommend the diving tackle variety here because you're going to be running around anyway (and, besides, it's more fun). Your first attack will get the suit of armor to drop its shield, and your second will shove the jerk off the edge.

A couple words of warning: Make sure you have a little distance when you hit the shove button — if you're too close, you'll just bounce right off and the suit won't care. The other warning kind of goes without saying, but just watch your aim — the guys you're trying to shove off the edge are standing awfully close to the edge. If you miss, you're going for a trip.

Once you take out both of them, Trico will jump in an clear out the rest of the suits of armor.

Before you leave, crawl through the hole in the gate at the other end of the walkway. You'll find a Trico Treat inside. You can't carry it back through, so set it down and shove it along ahead of you.

Turn left at the gate you just crawled through, and go down the stairs. There's a Trico-sized door you can go through. Turn right, and climb onto Trico. Point him out the window, and hold on while he climbs up a little further.

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