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The Last Guardian walkthrough 17: An army of armor

More stained glass eyes, an army of suits of armor, a little flying

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

When Trico gets stopped by a pair of stained glass eyes, hop off his back and walk forward.

Jump down to the level below and jump your way across the gaps toward the tower. Jump from the end of the walkway to the beam ahead of you, then climb up.

You still can't make it back to the stained glass eyes, though, so balance along the beam back toward the tower. Follow the ledge around to the right. Climb onto the narrow ledge and keep working our way right and around the corner.

We hope you like ledges.

When you run out of ledges, switch your attention to the platforms.

Hey, look! More ledge.

Stairs round out the obstacle trifecta. Take the stairs all the way to the top.

At the top, there's a platform that you can take all the way around to the front side of the tower. Run out onto the bridge and shove one of the eyes off.

An entire platoon suits of armor pours out of the tower, several of them carrying shields. One of the suits walks up and grabs you and there's just nothing you can do about it.

But don't worry. Trico proves that the power of friendship is stronger than the negative conditioning of the stained glass eyes by grabbing you and kicking some butt.

Then Trico has a Dumbo moment and gets you both away from danger. He just needs to work on his landings.

Once you recover from your crash, Trico is left dangling off the side of the tower. Climb up to his head and turn right. Run along the wooden walkway to the side of the tower to find a switch to open the gate in front of him. It doesn't work out like you planned, and now your escape route has collapsed.

Use the broken beams to return to the gate, then drop down to Trico.

Repeat the process on the next level down. Trico gets inside this time, but your escape route collapses again.

Get to the left edge of the platform you're standing on and wait for Trico to stick his head out. Jump over to him and he'll pull you inside.

Head up the stairs behind Trico and lead him out onto the balcony, climb on his back and start urging him to jump. He'll jump down to the ruins in front of you, then turn right (or you can encourage him to turn right if you have to) and jump to a awning-type roof.

Follow the roof around to the left and get Trico to jump again. He'll deliver you up to a ledge. You can drop off and into the room below. There are some suits of armor inside and a stained glass eye preventing Trico from leaving.

After Trico handles the suits, head outside and start pushing the eye's cart. There's nothing to push this one off of, though. Push it as far as you can, then go down the stairs on the left. There's a switch that will drop the bridge and let the eye fall.

Before you can get too far, you get a visit from an old friend.

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