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The Last Guardian walkthrough

Every puzzle solved, every enemy defeated

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

The Last Guardian unfolds as a long, seamless journey full of puzzles. In Polygon's The Last Guardian guide, we'll teach you how to solve all of them and defeat every enemy in your and Trico's path.

The Last Guardian has no chapters, which makes organizing a guide somewhat difficult. Our solution? We've organized our guide based on the game's geographical areas and puzzles, and they're all corralled this table of contents.

How do you know what's in each of our chapters? To help you find your place, we've included a handful of images from each page and a brief description of what we cover on that page. When the images or descriptions look familiar, you'll know where you need to go. (Protip™: The images are small, but that's no problem. You can click to enlarge them — here and in the rest of Polygon's The Last Guardian guide.)

The top of each individual page in our guide includes the same description as the table of contents below. Just beneath the headline, you'll find a sentence-long overview explaining what you'll find in the page. As always, you'll also find quick navigation links at the bottom of each page that will take you to the previous and next chapters, as well as back here to the main table of contents.

Part 1: Waking up and breaking out

Waking up, feeding Trico, finding the mirror, getting past the waterfall, saying goodbye (but not really).

Part 2: The nest

The nest, getting Trico through the too-small door, outside then back in, your first stained glass eye, ledges, the evil birdcage.

Part 3: Armor, smells and a bath

Suits of armor, above the evil birdcage, getting Trico past that amazing smell, Trico takes a bath.

Part 4: Temple, armor and Trico's tail

Deeper into the temple, suits of armor, freeing Trico's tail.

Part 5: Armor, bridges and platforming

Learning to command Trico, suits of armor on a bridge, more suits of armor on a bridge, lots of jumping.

Part 6: The blue pot and chain

Blue pot and chain, a couple of stained glass eyes.

Part 7: The collapsing bridge

More stained glass eyes, a collapsing bridge.

Part 8: The giant mobile

Another stained glass eye, the giant stained glass eye mobile.

Part 9: The drawbridge

Lots of suits of armor and the drawbridge.

Part 10: Feeding Trico (again)

Feeding Trico, the dark passageway.

Part 11: The towers

Crumbling towers, more stained glass eyes.

Part 12: After falling through the roof

Getting down from the tree, getting out of the hole, a lot of ledges, suits of armor with shields.

Part 13: From the water to the arena

Getting out of the water, the collapsing hallway, the arena.

Part 14: Arena and underwater puzzles

Escaping the arena, underwater puzzles, also you drown a little.

Part 15: Escaping the elevators

Elevators, the tricopath, getting back out.

Part 16: Mine shaft collapse

Ledges, another evil birdcage, a collapsing mine shaft.

Part 17: An army of armor

More stained glass eyes, an army of suits of armor, a little flying.

Part 18: The trico fight

Trico fights the tricopath, gets hungry.

Part 19: To the white tower

Climbing out of the pit (again), more eyes, lots of towers, a big fight.

Part 20: The white tower and the master of the valley

The end.

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