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The Last Guardian walkthrough part 7: The collapsing bridge

More stained glass eyes, a collapsing bridge

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Before we begin, we should point out that this sequence was featured in The Last Guardian's E3 2015 trailer.

Conveniently, the stained glass eyes blocking your progress this time are mounted on carts you can push. Climb down and push the first one off the end of the tracks. Make sure you keep to the right to avoid the rope and spool that follow the cart down into the abyss.

From the end of the broken track, call to Trico and ask him to jump across the gap. The scaffold he lands on will collapse a little, but won't fall. When he's settled, call him again and wait for him to turn around and come back toward you.

When he's at the end of the collapsed ramp, you can jump toward him. In a simultaneously heart-stopping and -warming moment, he'll catch you and gently place you on the ramp.

He won't go past the top of the ramp, though, because of another stained glass eye. Head past it along the scaffold you're on until you see a small platform on the right. Climb down to the track below, and work your way back to the evil eye cart. Walk around the cart to the other side and push it off the end of the track.

The cart too with take out the track with it, so run back to the pillar across from Trico. The destroyed track leaves you stranded. Jump toward Trico and he'll save you again in another nerve-wracking moment.

Climb up to his back as best you can, because the nail-biting isn't over yet. Keep hanging on to Trico as he jumps from the collapsing bridges (and scream at your television if you're like us).

Trico has trouble finding something to hold on to on the next ledge. Climb up his back to his head and hop onto the ledge. There's a pot blocking a log there. Remove the pot and let the log roll toward Trico. This will give him the footing he needs to climb up.

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