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The Last of Us collectibles locations guides

The Last of Us collectibles guide

Find every artifact, Firefly pendant, Training Manual, comic, and tool in every chapter

The Last of Us has a total of 140 collectibles, and Polygon’s guides will show you how to find them all.

Collectibles in The Last of Us come in five varieties: There are 85 artifacts, 30 Firefly pendants, 12 Training Manuals, 14 comics, and 5 tool level upgrades. Artifacts, Firefly pendants, and comics are just collectibles — in-game things that are just there to be found. The Training Manuals make your weapons and craftables better and stronger. The tool level upgrades unlock additional upgrades for your weapons at workbenches.

We’ve broken our guides down by chapter and section, but you won’t see those names as you’re playing the game. You can find, select, and begin playing at any of these from the Chapters section of the main menu. In our guides, we’ll explain where and when they begin and end at the top of each section.

You can see how many collectibles you’ve found so far by looking in Bonuses > Statistics in your pause menu or The Last of Us > Bonuses > Statistics on the main menu. You can also see what you’ve collected by checking your inventory during the game. There’s no way to tell what collectibles are in which chapter (or what you’ve missed) from the menus, though.

There is no map in The Last of Us. For every collectible in every chapter, we used photo mode to zoom out and give you some context surrounding the precise locations. Use the images below to orient yourself and the added arrows to help you navigate the last few feet.

There are no treasures in the prologue, so let’s get started with our Chapter 1 “Quarantine Zone” guide.

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