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The Polygon Show with special guest Abby Russell from Giant Bomb

The Sims, Telling Lies, Dicey Dungeons, and ... The Favourite?

A woman talks to a dolphin in the Sims 4.
Chelsea Stark (she/her), executive editor, has been covering video games for more than a decade.

This week, Simone and Chelsea were joined by Abby Russell from Giant Bomb! She told us about her quest to get her Sims to love living off the grid, despite their continued insistence on wanting non-tepid drinking water. She also told us about the charming deckbuilder Dicey Dungeons.

I also shared a bunch of lies. Or rather, I told everyone just how great Sam Barlow’s Telling Lies is. (There will probably be a spoiler-filled discussion in a few weeks, but this one remains spoiler-free!) There is also a lot of talk about last year’s film The Favourite, because it just showed up on HBO Go.

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This week’s episode is hosted by Chelsea Stark and Simone de Rochefort, with guest Abby Russell. It is produced by Jelani Carter and Ross Miller.

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