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How to do homework in The Sims 4 High School Years

Your teen Sim doesn’t have to do homework, but they should sometimes

A teen Sim does homework on a plain desk Image: Maxis/Electronic Arts via Polygon

In The Sims 4’s new expansion, High School Years, your teen Sims can head out to school the same way some Sims head to work. You can go with them to control what they do throughout the school day, affecting their relationships and academic growth.

Notably, in the career tab for the teen Sim, you’ll see that they have a daily task to “do homework” after every school day (as you’d expect from school). Though homework for young Sims is not a new addition, it can be new for players who never had teenage Sims.

The homework your teen Sim has to do will be in their personal inventory, as a little blue book. You can select it and click “do homework” and your teen Sim will move to a nearby table to do it.

The inventory menu screen of a teenage sim with homework inside Image: Maxis/Electronic Arts via Polygon

Based on our gameplay, not doing homework didn’t do anything too dramatic to the Sims’ school performances. As long as your teen Sim is attending class, they’ll progress in their career just fine. However, if you want them to improve their grades faster, they should actively be doing their homework.

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