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How to use the Trendi app in The Sims 4 High School Years

Put together outfits and sell them through an app

ThrifTea in The Sims 4, a store that allows you to create and sell outfits Image: Maxis/Electronic Arts via Polygon
Julia Lee (she/her) is a guides producer, writing guides for games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Genshin Impact. She helped launch the Rift Herald in 2016.

In the new The Sims 4 expansion High School Years, your teen Sim can follow fashion trends and start their own using the new Trendi app. Trendi is like an in-game version of Depop or Poshmark, though rather than selling old clothes, your Sim will sell catered looks.

Selling Trendi outfits is great for raising your teen’s Entrepreneur skill level and gaining social media followers. Our The Sims 4 Trendi guide will explain how to use the app and get started in the trendsetting world of High School Years.

Figuring out what clothes are trending in The Sims 4

There are multiple ways to figure out what’s in style. You can click on the Trendi app from the phone menu and select “Check the Latest Trends” to make notifications appear in the top right corner that explain the current trends, or you can ask the store clerk at ThrifTea. We noticed that doing the latter only works if you have a high relationship with the clerk, otherwise they won’t want to share their secrets.

Making an outfit to sell on Trendi

Head over to ThrifTea in Copperdale and use any of the clothing racks to “Create a fashion look.” A special version of create-a-Sim will open up with a mannequin, and you’ll be able to create outfits based on a selection of clothes offered. (From time to time, more clothes will get added to the selection, with a notification in the top right corner when ThrifTea gets more stock.)

An outfit creation screen in The Sims 4 creating a punk outfit Image: Maxis/Electronic Arts via Polygon

Some things to keep in mind as you make your outfit:

  • You can check on the style classification of the outfit you’re making by hovering over the shopping bag in the bottom right corner. If you’re trying to make a specific style of outfit, make sure to keep your eyes on this.
  • Even if you set the mannequin to female or male, both sexes can buy and wear your outfit. (We saw the game’s Santa Claus equivalent wearing one of our pastel grunge outfits.)
  • You will need to name your outfit, but if you don’t want to, you can just pick one of the many default names.

Once you finish making the outfit, it will appear in the respective bag in your inventory. Here you can choose to wear it for yourself, or you can choose to sell it on Trendi.

When we marked up the clothes heavily above the recommended market price, the outfits wouldn’t sell at all, so we only recommend going a few Simoleans higher, if at all. It’s likely that having a higher follower count will allow you to sell your outfits for more, but when we tested our sales at around 350 followers, our Sim couldn’t upcharge much.

Once another Sim makes an offer on your outfit, you can select the bag from your inventory and put it in your mailbox to sell it. After doing this, your Sim will gain some Entrepreneur skill and a handful of followers.