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The Surge guide: PAX boss fight

How to beat The Surge’s first boss

PAX is the first boss in The Surge. After activating power to the train, the boss will become active and block your path. Equip your best gear and get ready for a fight.

Taking on PAX is more puzzle than boss fight. Start out by attacking his legs. The boss’ health won’t drop at all. However, an orange bar will begin to fill under the health bar. Once you have built up enough energy, PAX will have to vent his systems.

Dance around the boss and take a swing whenever you get the chance. PAX likes to use his massive arms to swing at you. He also like to try and stomp on you whenever you get too close. Take a swing or two and then jump away. Once PAX takes a bit of damage it will start trying to kick you. Be a little more careful and attack from the backside.

Venting will be PAX’s best chance to kill you but it will also be its downfall. PAX will jump away to a different part of the arena and shoot missiles into the air. These missiles will track and kill you if you do not find shelter. Run as fast as you can and take shelter directly under PAX The missiles will crash into the boss and bring it to its knees.

Once PAX is on the ground, its central motor will be exposed. Whale on it for as long as you can. Eventually, PAX will stand back up and the fight will resume. Repeat this process until the boss dies. Rip off its arm-sword and claim it as a souvenir.

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