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The Surge guide: The Black Cerberus boss fight

How to beat The Surge’s fourth boss

The Surge’s Black Cerberus is a fairly easy boss fight with a obscure trick. When you first approach the Black Cerberus, he will be addressing a large group of soldiers. Wait for him to send them away and jump down to greet him.

The Black Cerberus is a normal-sized enemy with a big ax. The first section of the fight is fairly simple: Dodge The Black Cerberus’ very telegraphed combos and jump in for a quick strike once he is finished. Treat the boss like you would any other heavy enemy type. Stay close (but not too close) and wait for his combo to finish.

After you have lowered the The Black Cerberus’ health a little bit, he will retreat into the control room. Here, he will send out a familiar foe: a PAX robot. Attack the legs and watch out for the long, sweeping strikes.

Sadly, this PAX is not stupid enough to blow itself up. Instead of a volley of missiles, it will opt for just one large bullet. Once you have charged the energy of the PAX, run away to the other side of the arena.

The boss will train a laser sight on you. Stand in front of one of the two large, white cylinders in the arena. Dodge at the last second and the bullet will blow up the machine. Do this until both machines have been destroyed.

If you do not do this, The Black Cerberus will continue summoning PAX robots and regaining health. The cylinders are located by the arena entrance and in the corner by the control room.

Once you have dealt with the cylinders, it is time to deal with the PAX itself. Attack the legs again. When it raises one leg to try and stomp on you, switch to the adjacent leg and attack it. After enough damage, the robot will fall and expose its core. Beat on it and repeat the process.

The Black Cerberus will return to the battlefield once you have destroyed his pet robot. Continue fighting him the way you did before. Close to the end of the fight, you will be prompted to severe a piece of him. Chop off his right arm to get his cool electric ax.

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