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The Surge guide: Rogue Process boss fight

How to beat The Surge’s final boss.

The Rogue Process is The Surge’s final boss and a two-phase fight. Once you have uploaded the virus into the rocket and lowered the barrier, proceed into the infected area. Walk up to the overload station and charge it to start the fight.

Phase 1

When the fight starts, a giant mess of metal will form into a beast. The Rogue Process has several limbs that will each glow a blueish/white color. The goal here is to destroy these pieces individually to make the Rogue Process whole again and remove the block on the station.

Dodge the boss’ big sweeping attacks and attempt to sidle in behind the hulking mass. Whale on the limbs as much as you can until the Rogue Process stops all motion for a moment. This is the wind-up for a powerful area attack that will deal massive damage if you are caught in it. Get in all the strikes that you can before dodging away.

As the Rogue Process turns redder and redder, it will get more aggressive. You will also have fewer vulnerable points to attack. Stay far away from the boss and quickly close ground after it attacks. Take a few more swipes and jump away again. When the boss is at about 1/3 health, it will be completely red.

Once the Rogue Process is no longer target-able, run up to the central console and overcharge it.

Phase 2

Overloading the system will cause the boss to lose almost all of its mass. The Rogue Process will return to the arena in the shape of a small, human enemy. This form of the boss moves far faster, so watch out for the quick combos.

Fight this boss like you would any other enemy. Stay away as much as you can and give it a good smack whenever you get the chance. Be patient. If you take this one hit at a time, the Rogue Process will eventually fall and the game will be over.

Congratulations on beating The Surge.

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