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The Witcher

For the latest Witcher news, release date announcements, books and game updates, and everything connected to Netflix's show expanding universe.

Witcher to fight Buffy, Deadpool, Bruce Lee, and Beowulf with new Unmatched release

The Witcher 3 mod editor coming in 2024, fortifying the game’s legacy

The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep brings Geralt back to Netflix in anime form

CD Projekt Red workers form union after layoffs

Become Geralt, the property tycoon of Rivia, in Monopoly: The Witcher

The Witcher’s new comic pits Geralt against militant vegans

The Witcher is getting a new book in the series

The Witcher director had to send Henry Cavill off ‘in an epic way’

The Witcher’s big villain reveal is so much better in the books

The Witcher season 3 saved the good stuff for the very end

The Witcher season 3 changes Ciri’s book plot and takes away her best moment

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The Witcher season 3’s big twist was part Met Gala, part Red Wedding, and all details

The Thanedd battle has been a long time coming and was ‘every designer’s dream’

The Witcher season 4 won’t have Henry Cavill — but here’s what we know, so far

The Witcher season 3 seems to be one big battle after the next

Witcher season 3 was building up to one thing, and fans can watch it early

The Witcher season 3 heads toward a massive battle and Henry Cavill’s departure

I miss when The Witcher was Netflix’s monster-of-the-week show

Yennefer deserves a lot better than The Witcher ever gives her

The flesh monster was The Witcher’s most challenging monster so far

How to make sense of The Witcher’s mage ball and what happened

Henry Cavill’s smile gives The Witcher season 3 its best moment

Why does everyone in The Witcher keep talking about the Wild Hunt?

What The Witcher’s Conjunction of the Spheres is actually all about

The French bulldog in love with Henry Cavill went to the Witcher premiere dressed as Geralt

The Witcher season 3 is totally fine if you pretend season 2 never happened

The new season of The Witcher is just half the story — here’s what to expect from the rest

What to remember from The Witcher season 2 before diving into season 3

The Witcher season 3 trailer begins Henry Cavill’s goodbye to Geralt

Here’s what we already know about The Witcher season 3

The Witcher season 3 trailer teases the Wild Hunt and a split release date

The Witcher: Blood Origin changes Ciri’s story and sets up Witcher season 3 (maybe)

The Witcher: Blood Origin completely retcons the Witchers’ origin story