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The Witcher

For the latest Witcher news, release date announcements, books and game updates, and everything connected to Netflix's show expanding universe.

The Witcher: Blood Origin casts Michelle Yeoh as a sword-elf warrior

The Witcher season 2 gets its first teaser

The Witcher season 2 wraps filming, will adapt Blood of Elves

The Witcher prequel Blood Origin casts its lead warrior

The Witcher’s bard song is just as catchy in a dozen different languages

The Witcher season 2 script hints at one of the books’ best stories

Spend a long weekend rewatching The Witcher with new documentaries on Netflix

Making The Witcher gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at the Netflix series

The Emmys failed to toss a coin to The Witcher

Why The Witcher 3 endures, five years later

The Witcher quest I most want to see in the Netflix series

How to keep the good Witcher times going if you loved The Witcher

The Witcher season 2 starts filming, new cast and characters announced

Can The Witcher and The Mandalorian survive streaming culture?

Henry Cavill’s fight scenes in The Witcher were ‘believable,’ says longsword expert

Henry Cavill could be so much more than the Witcher

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