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Logging walkthrough and solutions


Just like there's more than one way to solve some puzzles in The Witness, there's more than one way to use this guide.

We begin with a series of hints designed to gently nudge you toward solutions. If you're looking for a complete walkthrough with solutions, those appear next, at a safe distance for those who wish to avoid spoilers. Because they often require you to solve the area's puzzles first, we end with a guide to finding collectibles. Whatever your choice, you can jump directly to each section using the table of contents below.



Be sure to check out our beginner's guide for more general tips for the discerning island survivalist.


Walkthrough and solutions

The puzzles here either continue (if you've already been solving puzzles in the Quarry) using the elimination symbol or introduce it. Its purpose is straightforward … and also a little confusing. It allows you to a puzzle requirement, as long the thing you skip — a shape or color, for example — shares a drawn area with the elimination symbol.


Enter the Logging facility and, hugging the left wall, take the stairs down. You'll find two puzzles there.

The first puzzle includes a series of star or sun-shaped icons. The trick to solving these puzzles is to draw a path that keeps the same number of like-colored icons together. Two white suns together cancel each other out. The same applies to the black suns. It applies in multiples, too: Two black suns and two white suns together cancel each other out.

The second puzzle requires that the path you draw includes the Tetris-like (or tetrimino, if you want to be fancy) shapes that appear on the board.

Ramp 1

Solve the ramp puzzle from the point of view of the ramp. Think back to the lift in the Quarry, and note how the puzzle's design mirrors the object that it controls.

Series 1

Remember that the eliminated symbol blinks. Segregate the colors to solve the puzzle.

Ramp 2

Get on the ramp while it's moving, exit, cross over and flip the switch to open the door and make your eventual exit possible.

Series 2

Series 3

Laser cable

Solve the final puzzle in the sequence, and you'll juice up a cable that leads to the final puzzle in the larger area that encompasses Quarry and Logging.


In The Witness, the island and its structures can be puzzles, too. They aren't as explicit or obvious as the puzzle boards strewn about (which is a nice way of saying that they're easy to miss). You have to look for them, given that environmental puzzles often appear in unlikely places. The good news: If you know what to look for, they're fairly easy to find. They telegraph their presence with the same ball-and-path design as the game's ubiquitous puzzle boards.

We haven't found any environmental puzzles in Logging, but we'll update this guide if and when we do.


Solve the puzzle at the Logging dock, and a boat will surface.

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