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Shipwreck walkthrough and solutions


Just like there's more than one way to solve some puzzles in The Witness, there's more than one way to use this guide.

We begin with a series of hints designed to gently nudge you toward solutions. If you're looking for a complete walkthrough with solutions, those appear next, at a safe distance for those who wish to avoid spoilers. Because they often require you to solve the area's puzzles first, we end with a guide to finding collectibles. Whatever your choice, you can jump directly to each section using the table of contents below.

The Shipwreck is one of The Witness' more unique areas. It's difficult to reach, accessible only from a door in the back of the Keep. Rather than housing a series of mazes, it's packed with environmental puzzles. It's not devoid of puzzles, though. Its red door puzzle is keeps a secret behind its fantastically difficult solution.



Be sure to check out our beginner's guide for more general tips for the discerning island survivalist.


Walkthrough and solutions

How to get there

Wondering how to find or get to the Shipwreck? The path lies in the Keep. Press play below to see two ways to get there.

Red door puzzle

The Shipwreck's lone puzzle is a doozy, and it requires you to use your senses. As you stand in front of the door, you'll hear several creepy noises. Those aren't just ambiance. They're directions for solving the ship's puzzle.

Each of the sounds represents a type of dot on the puzzle board. You can classify each sound — and therefore dot — into low, medium and high pitches. Your path must match the dots and the sounds in the order that you hear them.

But that's not all. It's also a mirror puzzle, like those you'd find on Symmetry Island — except that the mirrored line is invisible here.

Putting those two ideas together, you need to draw lines to dots in the order of the pitch — low/small, high/large, medium/medium — while carving a path that will mirror an invisible path beginning on the other side of the board and encompassing all of those dots in the right order, too.


In The Witness, the island and its structures can be puzzles, too. They aren't as explicit or obvious as the puzzle boards strewn about (which is a nice way of saying that they're easy to miss). You have to look for them, given that environmental puzzles often appear in unlikely places. The good news: If you know what to look for, they're fairly easy to find. They telegraph their presence with the same ball-and-path design as the game's ubiquitous puzzle boards.

The Shipwreck is filled with environmental puzzles. Though they're not always clear, they're everywhere. Browse the gallery to see the easiest to get. There's also an epic environmental puzzle that requires you to board a boat. You can see in the video.


Audio logs

Walk to the ship's wheelhouse, and you'll find an audio log sitting on the ground.

Orange arrow puzzle

Walk on the side of the ship that's closest to the island (or the starboard side, if you're into nautical terminology) and down through the shipwreck's deck. You'll find an orange arrow puzzle.

The next level of puzzles.

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