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The latest viral videos, TikTok memes, and discoveries from the video platform of the moment.

Doja Cat put TikTok’s dancing veterinarian on her Spotify to troll everyone

LGBTQ+ Fortnite fans are all about the Ariana Grande skin

Axolotls are the real star of the latest Minecraft update

Doja Cat’s newest video says gaming is hot girl shit, too

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Break-ups, porn, and bakas: The legend of the Barnes & Noble manga section

What if we kissed in the manga section of Barnes & Noble

Everyone loves TikTok’s Wholesome Master Chief

Anime fans keep roasting each other at Demon Slayer movie screenings

For some, Wii Fit’s legacy is body shame

Viral rhythm game Friday Night Funkin’ is getting a ‘full-ass’ upgrade

Doja Cat is bringing Twitch even further into the mainstream

Lil Nas X is posting through it, Satan bless him

These Star Wars fans are trying to make better lightsabers than Disney

Fidget toys are hotter than ever on TikTok

Fortnite’s new emote puts a Victory Royale spin on TikTok sea shanties

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TikTok’s emo revival emerged from the creative chaos of quarantine

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Fortnite parody ‘Chug Jug with You’ is taking over TikTok