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TikTokers are finding creative (and funny) ways to get around having less music

Why Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga’s music could vanish from TikTok

The Stanley cup is not gamer safe

Usher dressing up as Satoru Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen is a major win for fans

Pixar’s Luca still reads like a queer romance — even its story lead thinks so

The New Year’s resolution is dead and replaced by the ‘ins and outs’ list

Toothless dancing to Pokémon Black and White is everything I needed this holiday season

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Romance and fantasy spawned this year’s biggest breakout genre

Romantasy took TikTok and bestseller lists by storm

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Catching Meloetta in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is hilariously convoluted

Lego Fortnite players found a way to make steerable cars and planes

The BookTok creators whose sci-fi recommendations will shake up your reading list

The Shrek kissing TikTok filter is a blight upon society

The Hunger Games is too good for a normal fandom revival

Home Depot made hundreds of skeletons before perfecting its 12-foot star, Skelly

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If you want to be a Twitch streamer, you probably need to be a TikToker too

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While D&D reckons with its racist past, this actual play is way ahead of the curve

Transplanar RPG ‘started with ideals of trans representation at the table’

‘You’re so Skibidi, so Fanum tax,’ and other fun nonsense, explained

Stardew Valley’s soothing music is getting the full orchestral treatment in a concert tour

You’ll never play every part of Baldur’s Gate 3 — that’s where TikTok comes in

TikTok’s endless gender memes are exhausting

Lenny Kravitz wore his ridiculously huge scarf in debut TikTok

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Can the Harry Potter fandom carry on while ignoring J.K. Rowling?

Fans are focusing on eras outside core canon, particularly the Marauders

Netflix’s One Piece adaptation has activated every Buggy simp

Miley Cyrus opens up on TikTok about her grueling work schedule as a child actor

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How Banana Fish and Attack on Titan fandoms created a star

The musician sees your anime edits, and thanks you for them

Astarion’s charms convinced me to play Baldur’s Gate 3

TikTok has invented a fake ’80s horror movie named Zepotha

Roblox’s new face tracking feature is for the memes

I can’t get enough of NewJeans’ Powerpuff Girls looks

The Colleen Ballinger controversy and ukulele apology song, explained

TikTok’s Grimace shake trend turns the McDonald’s mascot into a murderer

What is Only Up!, the climbing game blowing up on social media?

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