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The latest viral videos, TikTok memes, and discoveries from the video platform of the moment.

Encountering wild Pokémon would be terrifying in real life

Fans are making custom Nendoroids of their faves

Elden Ring dragons are way cooler through a kid’s eyes

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TikTok and Instagram tags are changing how people cook

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18 years later, The Sims 2 fandom is thriving on TikTok

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has inspired thousands of TikTok thirst traps

Euphoria has turned the internet into one wild watch party

Metal drummer performs Metallica in mesmerizing Toad cosplay, voice included

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How to get into romance books — and why you should

Compose musical attacks in this rhythm RPG

Anime clothing and merch is everywhere — here’s what we like wearing

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The enduring appeal of Furby’s cursed DIY cousin, the LongFurby


Five Nights at Freddy’s is behind your favorite TikTok trend

TikTok, Boom. unravels the political chicanery behind the world’s most popular app

Professional archer says Link’s bow skills suck

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The unstoppable rise of the Attack on Titan Hange dance

How the anime’s legacy came to include a viral Jason Derulo dance

Our favorite memes of 2021

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The extremely specific content creators we discovered this year

Skyrim YouTube retrospective celebrates 10 years of being Dragonborn

This TikToker reloads mundane household objects like they’re FPS weapons

TikTokers are using One Piece audio to jokingly ‘drag’ their partners

The success of MrBeast’s Squid Game is its own dystopia

One crossword-solver’s enthusiasm inspired an entire TikTok subculture

Low-tech video game streams are taking off on TikTok

4 Animal Crossing island designers on how they’re prepping for the New Horizons 2.0 update

TikTok’s latest trend is actually inspired by a 2019 mobile game

TikToker modifies woodshop robot to write out entire Shrek script for good of mankind

TikTok horror series Spooky Lakes will scare you out of the water

Doja Cat put TikTok’s dancing veterinarian on her Spotify to troll everyone

LGBTQ+ Fortnite fans are all about the Ariana Grande skin

Axolotls are the real star of the latest Minecraft update

Doja Cat’s newest video says gaming is hot girl shit, too

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