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The Witcher season 3 slices its way to Netflix in summer 2023

Manifest season 4 gets a trailer before its final bow on Netflix

The Shadow and Bone season 2 teaser trailer is chock full of exciting new details

Sauron’s secret identity takes another step

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared is suddenly back in wonderful, chaotic form

Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi has a new time travel show — but this time he’s a serial killer

What if Rings of Power’s Sauron is just the most obvious person?

Everyone on The Rings of Power is pissed off and conflicted, thank god

About The Rings of Power’s mysterious white-robed trackers, the Stranger, and the moon...

To evolve, Law & Order had to ax one of its long-running characters

Everyone’s grown up in the new Dragon Prince trailer

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Even the Rings of Power title sequence contains hidden secrets about the show

How Tolkien and physics inspired The Rings of Power’s sonic opening

She-Hulk’s new cameo nods to the greatest Avengers team of all time

How Star Wars has depicted the rise of the Rebel Alliance through the years

No normies allowed at the goth boarding school in Netflix’s Addams Family series

Andor’s first three episodes solve Star Wars’ villain problem

Ted Lasso and his soccer team are in FIFA 23 — officially

What’s really happening in the Star Wars timeline when Andor starts

Fate: The Winx Saga creators wanted to up the magical girl ante with a big fairy transformation

Midnight Mass creator’s new Netflix show has a creepy trailer

House of the Dragon episode 5 has everything you need to know about the show

An MMA expert breaks down House of the Dragon’s wedding fight

Andor showrunner avoided Star Wars fan service at all cost

House of the Dragon’s power couple is officially here to play

What is the future of Star Wars movies?

Crunchyroll’s new Chainsaw Man trailer sets up season 1

How Viserys’ Iron Throne cuts predicted his fate in House of the Dragon

All the House of the Dragon houses and characters you need to know

Alicent’s green dress is a major turning point in House of the Dragon

Fate: The Winx Saga’s Sky is a horse boy because the actor is too

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story trailer features Evan Peters’ most despicable role yet

The men of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power hate elves for all the wrong reasons

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