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She-Hulk can’t quite meet its feminist ideals yet

HBO renews The Rehearsal, admits it doesn’t know what we’re in for

Infinity Train, Summer Camp Island, and other shows wiped from HBO Max

The best HBO Max originals and where to watch them

She-Hulk is so much more than just ‘sexy Hulk’

Surprise! Netflix’s The Sandman adapted your favorite issue (and you can watch it now)

She-Hulk reminds us that Bruce Banner and Tony Stark were friends, actually

She-Hulk has the best Easter eggs: free comics

She-Hulk’s top rival is her most toxic fan

House of the Dragon is missing its source material’s most fun character

She-Hulk digs into Steve Rogers’ sex life, but it doesn’t penetrate deep enough

The Lord of the Rings has a new rights owner. What does that mean?

Better Call Saul was always more than the sum of its Breaking Bad parts

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is autistic representation at its best and its worst

How and when to watch House of the Dragon, the Game of Thrones prequel

Wednesday finds her Hogwarts in first trailer for Tim Burton’s new Addams Family show

Before House of the Dragon premieres, catch up on Targaryen history

Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power will premiere with two episodes

John Wick prequel show set to debut on Peacock in 2023

Guillermo del Toro and an all-star group of horror directors team up for Netflix’s ultimate anthology series

For All Mankind season 3 showed how hard Star Trek’s utopia is to achieve

Dragon Ball Z is now available in the original Japanese on Crunchyroll

Pretty Little Liars and Riverdale exist in the same universe, because sure, why not

Disney Plus is getting an ad tier — and getting more expensive

The best TV shows of 2022, so far

Never Have I Ever season 3 is racing toward the end

Sandman’s Cain and Abel were inspired by the most important book ever: Tales From the Crypt

Pour one out for the first hit Sandman TV show: Lucifer

The Sandman never explains Dream’s powers and that’s OK

The Corinthian in Netflix’s Sandman had to be sexy — even with those eyes

The Sandman star is glad the show isn’t a ‘CGI orgy’

In The Sandman, Neil Gaiman drew from comics history to create his own

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