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Need advice? Give this Adventure Time character a call right now

Oh my glob, you guys

Adventure Time’s seventh season is nearly over, and there’s just two more seasons on the way before it wraps its run on Cartoon Network. If you’re watching the show exclusively on Blu-ray, however, you’re well behind the rest of us: Its sixth season arrived on disc and at retail just today.

Adorning the cover of the set is a fan-favorite character, however, and this special promotion may further help ease the pain of those still playing catch-up. Lumpy Space Princess, voiced by creator Pendleton Ward, is the face of season six, and she’s starring in a special promotion to help sell the box set.

After Ward tweeted out a mysterious phone number earlier today, we dared call it ... and were happy to find LSP on the other line, demanding and feisty as ever. Listen to our one-way chat with her below if you’re too shy to call the number yourself.

If you relish being yelled at by a sentient purple cloud, go ahead and dial 1-855-564-4562. By the way, for the numeric keypad savvy and LSP diehards — you may notice that the number spells out 1-855-5-OH-GLOB.

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