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Westworld’s Dolores is basically a Bioware love interest

And you’d better treat her right

Dolores and Teddy in HBO's Westworld
Cyclops gets touched by a robot

An animated flowchart on one of HBO’s Westworld sites reveals Dolores’s entire narrative.

No, it doesn’t have spoilers for the show — it’s the narrative that she was programmed to follow by her creators. It serves as an anchor for the plot. The first episode of Westworld centers largely around Dolores’s daily routine and the ways it can deviate, sometimes with horrifying results.

Well, buckle up! It doesn’t get any better from here!

These are all the ways Dolores’s day could go. (click to enlarge)

We’ve seen most of these play out on our TV screens, but there are some notable mentions. If a guest chooses to “woo” Dolores, they could end up back at her father’s ranch for dinner, after which there is a “Guest’s Choice” option.

Alternately, if a guest threatens Dolores and manages to kill her protector Teddy, “menace” will ensue. Both are handy little euphemisms that describe Dolores (potentially) ending up as a sexual prize, whether willingly or unwillingly.

It’s fascinating to get a peek behind the curtain of Dolores’s narrative. It’s not all that different from what goes into crafting the narrative of an NPC in a roleplaying game.

Imagine Dolores as a Bioware love interest, for example: certain criteria have to be met before you can unlock a romance with them. Dolores is no different.

Westworld airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. You can read our episode 3 recap here.

Want to play Dolores’s day yourself? Try it...

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