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What does Westworld do with all the bodies?

It’s actually a simple, if grisly, solution

Westworld - Dr. Robert Ford in his office John P. Johnson/HBO

Westworld is a show that takes place in a theme park with unique logistical requirements, and parts of the show’s official website seem to be having a bit of fun filling in those blanks.

One of the details laid out in a recent update? What exactly happens to the body of a host — one of Westworld’s robotic characters — when they’re killed or die in the middle of a storyline. What does the company do with all those bodies if any human player can kill any host at any time, and plenty of stories revolve around the hosts killing each other?

It’s pretty simple, actually: The graves that exist in-universe are actually intake vents for “livestock management.”

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So whenever you see the “dead” hosts being collected by the authorities on the show, they’re being taken to specially designed graves that send the hosts directly back to the processing facility so they can be fixed back up and sent directly back into the park ... as long as the damage is repairable.

The grave detail is canonical, but we also have a good place for you to start if you’d like to explore some wilder fan theories about what’s going on.

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