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Westworld and Fallout 4 may use eerily similar techniques to make AI

The theories continue

Westworld principal photography HBO

Between the Western setting and the use of artificially intelligent humanoids, there are already a few similarities between the world of Westworld and Fallout 4. Some fans have pointed out that the way said humanoids are made in Bethesda’s open-world game and hosts are crafted in Westworld is eerily similar.

Reddit user lunchtimereader used the image below to showcase the creation process from both titles. The image on top is a host being made in Westworld in the manufacturing center. The screenshot below it displays a Gen-3 synth in the process of being made within the Institute, the scientific organization responsible for the creation of the synths.


Besides the nearly identical position the two humanoids are placed in — with the biggest difference being that the host’s legs are spread to mirror DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man while the synth’s are not — there’s also a giant, mechanical sphere hovering above them. Even the way the machines operate, as seen in the opening credits for Westworld and a scene from the game that depicts the synth creation process in Fallout 4, are similar to one another.

Others have pointed out that in Fallout 4, the synths are made using human DNA and other material to make the humanoids as lifelike as possible. The leader of the Institute, Shaun (otherwise known as Father), provided his DNA to make the third generation synths. This has lead to comparisons made by the Westworld community, who have pointed out that Delos, the company behind Westworld, collects DNA from guests of the park when they visit and could be using the collection gathered to make the hosts.

It’s possible that executive producer Jonathan Nolan is also a fan of Fallout 4 considering his relationship with games. When Nolan was preparing to write Westworld with his team, he said that he played a number of open-world games like Red Dead Redemption to better understand how human beings would operate in a theme park where they weren’t responsible for their own actions. Nolan, a longtime fan of video games, has talked extensively about how other games like BioShock were a huge inspiration for him while writing.

Westworld airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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