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Watch SNL’s Kate McKinnon turn into Eleven for a Stranger Things parody

Plus, Leslie Jones and Kenan Thompson as Lucas’ parents

Stranger Things parodies aren’t anything new: we’ve been subjected to them for most of the summer season. But last night, the cast of Saturday Night Live did their own spoof on the Netflix series.

In the spoof, which can be seen above, Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda introduces us to Lucas’ family in the Upside Down. Following a special message from creators Matt and Ross Duffer, the spoof tackles the question on everyone’s minds: Where, exactly, are Lucas’ parents? Played by Leslie Jones and Kenan Thompson, the clip addresses where the young child’s parents were during the first season.

One of the best parts about the video, however, is seeing main player Kate McKinnon transform into Millie Bobby Brown to play Eleven. Everything from McKinnon’s exaggerated mannerisms to the spot-on wig they used to give her Eleven’s haircut is hilarious.

The clip also addresses some of the questions that fans may have going into the second season. As far as spoofs go, SNL was able to focus on an element of the series that has yet to be addressed in many other spoofs, but hopefully this will be the last one for a while.

Stranger Things returns for its second season in 2017. The first season is available to stream in full on Netflix right now.

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