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Dave Chappelle becomes The Walking Dead’s Negan, resurrects iconic characters on SNL

It gets political — fast

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Last night, Dave Chappelle made his hosting debut on Saturday Night Live. Not one to disappoint fans, Chappelle brought back some of his classic characters from Chapelle’s Show and took on president-elect Donald J. Trump in the process.

Warning: The video above does contain spoilers for the season seven premiere of The Walking Dead.

Following a timely and powerful monologue about the election — calling for support of protesters but admitting he was willing to give Trump a chance — and a sketch about what it was like at a Hillary Clinton-supported viewing party, Chappelle took the stage once again to introduce a digital short. He said that he wasn’t planning on bringing back his Chappelle’s Show characters, even though fans had been asking him to, but following the election results and the season premiere of The Walking Dead, he came up with it.

In the sketch, which can be seen above, Chappelle takes on a series of characters including The Walking Dead’s Negan. As Negan, he has to choose which character to kill and goes around asking each person why they shouldn’t become his next victim. Tyrone Biggums, Chuck Taylor, Clayton Bigsby and Lil Jon, Donnell Rawlings and Silky Johnson all make an appearance in the video, but it’s Chappelle’s Biggums who’s left to deliver the message of hope at the end of the video.

Last night’s Saturday Night Live marked the first episode since the election, and while the show has been criticized for not tackling and satirizing Donald Trump enough during his presidential campaign, it didn’t hold back last night. Trump was the subject of the monologue, first sketch, and the Weekend Update team spent the majority of their time tackling America’s new president.

The rest of the clips, and the incredible performances by A Tribe Called Quest, can be seen on Hulu.

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