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Sailor Moon really loves Ford cars, apparently

Ford’s weirdo ad campaign continues

Usagi Tsukino, otherwise known as Sailor Moon, is a teenage girl with pretty basic tastes: She likes eating cake, fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight and the new Ford Fusion. That last one is according to the American automobile manufacturer, whose latest ad stars the classic anime character fawning over the 2017-model sedan.

It’s a bizarre 45 seconds, made all the more so by Usagi’s talking cat companion Luna chiming in about the Fusion’s fancy new features. Neither one can drive, but they’re apparently both well-versed in the world of motor vehicles.

We can’t complain about some new Sailor Moon content in the style of the original cartoon, which premiered nearly 25 years ago. Viz Media released a new English dub for the anime in 2014, and it’s those voice actors who wax rhapsodic over the Fusion in Ford’s ad.

Fellow Western-based anime distributor Funimation has collaborated with Ford as well, showing Dragon Ball Z fans that its super-powered fighters are just as taken with the company’s cars. Metal Gear Solid even got in on the action earlier this year, giving Konami’s stealth classic and Sailor Moon something in common beyond a love of anime.

All of the ads are part of a campaign that Ford calls, appropriately, “Overdubs.” We’re now taking bets on which series will be co-opted for the next installment.

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