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Get caught up with Game of Thrones in five minutes — through rhymes

Settle in

It’s hard to remember everything that’s happened in Game of Thrones since the show began five years ago.

That’s why Alt Shift X, a YouTube channel dedicated to analyzing Game of Thrones through a variety of breakdown videos and explainers, decided to do a five-minute recap of all six seasons — with a twist. Unlike other recaps, of which there are many on YouTube, Alt Shift X uses a rhyming scheme to introduce everyone and everything in chronological order.

The video also integrates side-by-side comparisons of when things are happening at the same time to try and avoid as much confusion as possible. One of the best features, and it’s something so simple, is that Alt Shift X throws the name of the character you’re seeing on screen each time to remind you who you’re looking at. It sounds silly, but compressing that amount of information into such a short time frame means that faces start to blur at times.

Game of Thrones, which had its season six finale earlier this year, will return for its seventh next year. Unlike previous seasons which premiered around April, season seven will begin a little later to accommodate filming during winter. The show will have its final season air in 2018.

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