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Westworld’s official bot has an answer to your Game of Thrones questions

Winter is, well, not quite here

Game of Thrones 603 - Tyrion HBO

Westworld and Game of Thrones don’t exist within the same universe, but they are on the same network. As such, people have begun to notice that if you ask Aeden, Westworld’s helper bot on the show’s official website, questions about Game of Thrones, he has a pretty great answer.

When asked about Game of Thrones or the future of Westeros, Aeden declares that thankfully winter doesn’t come to Westworld, adding that he’s never even met Jon Snow. Aeden goes one step further and notes that much like Westeros, what is dead in Westworld may never die.

Aeden's answer HBO

That’s the only answer Aeden gives when pressed with questions about Game of Thrones. Polygon tried asking it about what might happen to the Lannisters, what’s going on with Daenerys and the future of the Starks to no avail. The answers Aeden did provide, however, are pictured below.


The entire experience is more than a tad bit silly, but if you’re someone who enjoys asking Siri or Google a series of unimportant and ridiculous questions just to see what they say, it’s a fun way to kill a couple of minutes. Adding “Hey Aeden” or “Okay Aeden” to the beginning of your conversation with the bot, may even be the best way to make it feel a little less strange.

Westworld, which is more than halfway through its first season, airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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