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Watch Shigeru Miyamoto measure things for The Tonight Show

No, not that. He doesn’t measure that. Good grief.

Video game developers on late-night network TV may be a shtick that is close to played out, but this green-room session with Shigeru Miyamoto (which didn't air on The Tonight Show) is rather appealing. Nintendo's creative genius has a compulsion to measure things in his head and then see if he is right.

Miyamoto explains that he developed this fixation when he was building a house several years ago. (He also has an interest in guessing how much something weighs, a staple of carnival midways going back more than a century.)

Fallon, a huge fanboy and Miyamoto trivia buff, doesn't appear in the video but it's a good bet he had something to do with the plan to give Miyamoto random objects and see if he could guess one on the nose.

Because Miyamoto uses metric, of course, there's a lot greater precision involved in the guess. That first specimen, the pizza, I’d guess to be a 16-inch pie based on the somewhat standard dimensions used by pizzerias. Turns out Miyamoto and I were both wrong. This must be a hand-tossed crust that got a little long, not DiGiorno.

Anyhow, Miyamoto is close but a little off on everything until the last object, which iss spoiled by the video’s key image. Of course he should know that. Well, in pixels, at least.

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