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Flash, Supergirl, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow crossover was a huge success

Executive producer Greg Berlanti works his magic

Flash crossover CW

This week, the CW aired its annual crossover special between its cast of superheroes. Based on the week’s ratings, was a massive success for the network.

Each show saw either a season or series high, according to new ratings released this week, with Supergirl pulling in 3.5 million viewers to kickstart the event. That puts it just ahead of the second biggest episode of the season — October’s premiere — and in the top three since the show began last year. The episode marked the first time that Supergirl made an appearance in a crossover special, which could only happen now because of the show’s move to the CW. Last year, Supergirl was airing on CBS, and although the network is a parent company of the CW, executive producer Greg Berlanti and his team stuck with Arrow and Flash.

The Flash also saw a jump in numbers for its crossover event special episode. This week, The Flash brought in just over 4 million viewers, which is a 36 percent increase from last week’s episode and about on par with last season’s crossover event. Although it doesn’t mark a series high for the show, which saw 4.66 million people tune in for the return of Reverse Flash two years ago, it demonstrates that the crossover event that Berlanti puts together every year just before the winter break is gold for the network.

In its fifth season, Arrow has been struggling to keep audiences returning week-after-week, suffering from low ratings, but this crossover event marked a recent high for the show. Arrow brought in 3.5 million viewers during its crossover episode, which puts it on par with the crossover event special from last year. It also marked Arrow’s 100th episode.

In total, each show saw an increase in viewership of at least 30 percent, with Arrow seeing the highest jump for its special, which saw a jump of 84 percent, according to TVLine. Those are impressive numbers for any network, but they just confirm that Berlanti’s plans to bring as many characters as he can into an extended universe on television is working with both fans and critics. Each episode received pretty high praise from a variety of critics, with The Flash’s episode being declared one of the best for the week.

The last numbers to be released are for Legends of Tomorrow’s episode, which wrapped up the crossover event last night.

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