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HBO very briefly teased the first few images from Game of Thrones’ seventh season

Let’s deconstruct two seconds worth of footage!

Before Westworld had its season finale last night, HBO previewed its 2017 lineup with footage from new and returning series, including Game of Thrones’ upcoming seventh season.

[Warning: The following contains what could be spoilers for the show’s seventh season.]

The biggest takeaway from the three images is that Arya has returned as a Northern girl, reuniting with her brother Jon Snow and older sister Sansa. Last season ended with Arya exacting revenge on Walder Frey, but it appears that in the new season, she’ll don the uniform of the North along with her siblings.


We also learned last season that Jon Snow was deemed King of the North, so it makes sense that the Starks would be looking to reclaim the land that was viciously taken from them so long ago. Is Arya preparing to fight alongside her brother? It certainly seems that way.

Now that Westworld is over, HBO is going to be focusing a lot of its attention on Game of Thrones. There are only two seasons left until the show goes off the air in 2018 — the same year that Westworld is set to return.

Game of Thrones will debut a little later than usual next year because of scheduling and production conflicts. Winter has finally arrived in Westeros and in order to capture that seasonal change, production was delayed.

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