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Game of Thrones, planned: How HBO lays out the action sequences

This is how the show looks before it's shot

Game of Thrones has some amazing action sequences, and every now and again HBO shows off the storyboards that explain how a moment was laid out and ultimately executed.

The rest of this post contains images that could be construed as spoilers if you're behind on the show and / or a giant baby.

Arya's chase scene from last week's episode? This is how it looked in the planning stages. Click through for more.

got storyboards 2

Here's a look at the re-introduction of Benjen Stark.

got storyboards 3

And here's one from the scene that explains the genesis of the White Walkers.

got storyboards 4

This is neat stuff, and gives you a fun look at how the show looks in its earliest stages.

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