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Harry Potter's Tom Felton joins The Flash as a series regular

Draco Malfoy is switching from wizards to superheroes

British actor Tom Felton, who portrayed Draco Malfoy in all eight of the Harry Potter films, will join The Flash as a series regular for its third season, according to TV Line.

Felton is set to play Julian Dorn, who TV Line describes as a "fellow CSI at the Central City Police Department who suspects there's more to Barry Allen then just his good guy reputation." From the sounds of it, Felton's character will be similar to Sergeant Doakes' from Dexter, who thought that the titular character was hiding something from the rest of the police force but could never quite figure it out.

An earlier report suggested that the CW was looking to cast a slightly older, more contemporary version of Barry's character and it sounds like that could be Felton's character, but the network has yet to shed light on whether that's the case or not. Star Grant Gustin, who plays Barry and the Flash on the show, tweeted out confirmation earlier this month that the next season would take some of its inspiration from DC's Flashpoint series. In that series, the Flash goes back in time to save his mother and in the process ends up changing the future dramatically. When he realizes that his decision has to led to some cataclysmic results, he tries to figure out a way to undo them.

The Flash's second season recently wrapped up on the CW and Polygon's Charlie Hall said it was a pretty decent finale — until it wasn't. The show will return this fall.

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