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This clever Kickstarter project is a Game of Thrones spoiler

A great conversation piece — provided you're current with the series

It's not often when a Kickstarter pitch begins with a spoiler alert, but at least Tony Wang gave that courtesy to prospective backers of this Game of Thrones novelty.

His idea for the Hodor Tribute Doorstop easily hit its $5,000 funding goal and now stands at 10 times that amount, with the campaign running to June 29. Here's a look at it:

hodor door stop

Assuming you have read this far, you know the deal about the tragic Game of Thrones episode from two weeks ago, which divulged both the origin of Hodor and the meaning of his name. We must, however, point out the irony that most door stops hold a door open rather than closed.

The doorstop is 6 inches high and plans to ship in July. The material will be printed in plastic, Wang says; solid metal would drive the production cost to more than $500 per unit. Wang says he is seeking approval from HBO licensing and, if it's not granted, all money will be refunded. Seems simple enough. Let's hope HBO's door is open for this one.

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