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Wally West will have a new role in The Flash

Photo confirms he's taking on a flashier character

At the end of The Flash's second season, certain questions were left unanswered. One of the biggest was what the future holds for Wally West, Barry's friend and Fast and Furious-inspired street racer.

Warning: This post will contain spoilers for the season two finale of The Flash.

Today, The CW released a photo of West in the Kid Flash costume, which can be seen below. The comic book character, which was created in 1959, was an answer to Batman's popular sidekick, Robin. He made multiple appearances in various Flash titles, as well as other DC books, before being relaunched as a new version of the Flash in 1985.

Kid Flash

Although there hasn't been an official explanation given as to how the character could exist in the first place, or how he came into the role, there's a good chance that after Barry changed the past to save his mother's life, Kid Flash came into existence. The move marks the start of The CW's version of Flashpoint, which will be very different from the comic book series it borrows from, and the introduction of Kid Flash seems to mark the beginning of big changes coming to the show.

More information about what The CW will bring to The Flash's third season should be revealed at San Diego Comic-Con next week.

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