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Untitled X-Men television series being developed at Fox

Bryan Singer will act as executive producer

Fox is teaming up with Marvel to produce a new, untitled series based on the world of X-Men, the network announced today.

The announcement follows Fox's sister network, FX, and its deal with Marvel to create a show also based on the X-Men universe, called Legion. That will focus on Professor Xavier's son and his rise to lead the New Mutants. The new series at Fox, however, will follow two parents as they're forced by a hostile government to flee their home after it's discovered their children are mutants. The family teams up with a group of other mutants, all living on the outskirts of society, and fight to survive.

Fox's new show will be written by Matt Nix, the creator of Burn Notice, and will have X-Men: Apocalypse's Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg as executive producers. Joseph Loeb, one of Marvel's top executives, will also be involved with the show.

There is currently no estimated time frame for when the series will start filming or be released, but FX's Legion will debut next year.

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