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Samuel L. Jackson recaps first five seasons of Game of Thrones

It's one of the funnier recap videos out there

Academy-Award winning actor Samuel L. Jackson is a pretty big Game of Thrones fan. He's such a big fan that he decided to work with HBO on creating a nearly eight-minute video recapping the first five seasons of the show for newcomers.

He has some pretty important advice for those just looking to dive into the series, too, including not getting too attached to the Stark family, keeping an eye out for any tricks the Lannisters have up their sleeves, and of course, has a bit about dragons. The video is full of Jackson-style quips, and it's a pretty entertaining watch for both those watching the series for the first time or long time fans of the show. There are better, more informative videos on YouTube that get into the gruel of different story arcs and the importance of certain characters, but Jackson's video is pretty light and entertaining, making it one of the less head-scratch inducing of the bunch.

"Some time has passed now and all hell has broken loose because of things I don't have time to explain," Jackson says as he jumps from the first to second season. "Just know that in all seven kingdoms of Westeros, peace time is done! Finito!"

The video ends with Jackson talking about the fate of Jon Snow, but doesn't include any of what happened to the character after the fifth season finale. The entire recap can seen above.

Game of Thrones' sixth season ended last month with a shorter seventh season set to debut next year. Unlike previous years, the show may not premiere in April as it usually does because the filming crew needs to capture scenes with worse weather as winter has officially arrived to Game of Thrones' story.

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