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Marvel's The Defenders gets first teaser at San Diego Comic-Con

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Coming as they are next year

Marvel will bring The Defenders to Netflix in 2017, but the new series received its first teaser trailer today during San Diego Comic-Con. Watch above for a mysterious taste of what's to come from the superhero series.

Fans of other Marvel collaborations like Jessica Jones and Daredevil will recognize those series' logos appearing during the one-minute video. The drama will bring them together to fight crime, and they'll be joined by fellow Netflix stars Luke Cage and Iron Fist in the fight.

Luke Cage received a new trailer of his own during a Comic-Con panel held this afternoon. Most viewers will already recognize him from Jessica Jones, where he played a pivotal role.

Netflix and Marvel are working hard to bring the comic book company's connected universe to the smaller screen. Also forthcoming is a show based on the Punisher, who is set to appear in Luke Cage when it premieres Sept. 30.

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