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Watch the first teaser for The Flash season 3

Oh, Barry

On Saturday, the CW had a series of panels for its roster of television shows, including Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash. During the panel for the latter series, the studio aired the first sizzle reel and look at the show's upcoming third season, which can be seen above.

Warning: This will contain some information about what the third season entails, including spoilers for what happened last season.

While they couldn't give too much away, the series' executive producer Greg Berlanti said the season premiere will pick up three months after the events of last season's finale. Berlanti also briefly talked about incorporating Flashpoint into the third season, one of the more popular DC Comics series, and what it means for Barry (Grant Gustin) going forward. After going back through time to save his mother's life and altering the future, Barry's parents are still together but he has no idea who Iris is, or the rest of the West family are.

Berlanti said this would change, and added that there wasn't any universe that could keep the two apart, but the catastrophic effects of what his decision means would be felt from the get-go.

The Flash's third season will premiere this fall.

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