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Samurai Jack returns in new featurette for the show's anticipated fifth season

Only had to wait 12 years

One of the most promising and anticipated television reboots is Cartoon Network's Samurai Jack. During the network's Toonami panel at Anime Con in Los Angeles this past weekend, creator Genndy Tartakovsky showed off a nearly eight minute behind-the-scenes video, giving fans their first glimpse into the new season.

The video gives some hints at where the story's headed following the show's return after 12 years, as well as some of the new animation techniques the artists are bringing to the series. Hosted by both Tartakovsky and voice actor Phil LaMarr, who plays the iconic and titular Samurai Jack, the video is a pretty informative and entertaining look into how the series gets made and the expectations the team has for itself going into the fifth season.

Cartoon Network first announced the show's return in December with a five-second teaser promising that the series would finally get the ending it deserved. When it went off the air in 2004, fans were disappointed with the lack of finality they were given and loose ends that seemed to just be forgotten about.

Since Samurai Jack, Tartakovsky has gone on to some pretty big projects, including directing Star Wars: Clone Wars and the Hotel Transylvania film series.

Samurai Jack's fifth season will air later this year.