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Mr. Robot Facebook Live clip answers some questions about Tyrell Wellick

The hacker collective takes on social media

The newest clip from the second season of USA's Mr. Robot premiered on Facebook Live yesterday, in an announcement that feels like it was taken directly from hacker group Anonymous' YouTube page, and answered some questions about the illusive Tyrell Wellick.

In the clip, a man wearing an fsociety mask — the signal of Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek) and the rest of his hacker friends — recaps the events of the first season leading up to the exposing and takedown of evil conglomerate, E-Corp. It's soon revealed that the man in the mask is none other than Tyrell Wellick (Martin Wallström), broadcasting directly from fsociety's headquarters.

We also get a new peek at Elliot in the clip, who comes in toward the end of the video, which can be seen above. In the video, Elliot's sitting at his computer, coding, while Tyrell watches him. The clip ends with Elliot reaching into the popcorn machine, which fans of the show will remember is where a gun was stashed, but there's no inclination as to whether that has more to do with Elliot's next steps or Tyrell's.

Despite being on the run from the FBI over the hacking of E-Corp, it looks like Elliot has no intentions of slowing down his hacking any time soon, either. The new season, according to Malek, will be much darker than the first and will find Elliot heading into even more dangerous territory. Malek said he learned how to cope with the role through his time on Steven Spielberg's The Pacific, but has been focusing on nothing other than the series to remain in character.

Mr. Robot premieres on July 13 at 9 .m. ET on USA.

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