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50 Cent is creating a Luke Cage-inspired superhero vigilante TV series for Starz

"It's very personal to me"

Despite already being the executive producer and creator of Starz's crime drama, Power, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson is gearing up for a new series, this time focused on a vigilante superhero.

Tomorrow, Today will focus on a "veteran from the south side of Chicago who, after being falsely imprisoned, becomes the personal experiment of a mad prison doctor trying to create the perfect man — and an unstoppable killing machine." He eventually escapes from the hands of the mad doctor, but while on the run, must learn to cope with a world that has turned against him all while trying to master his newfound abilities.

"This project is very personal to me," Jackson said in a press release. "Creating it, writing it, finding the best team for it and I will continue to be involved every step of the way."

If the premise of the show sounds familiar, that may be because it's eerily similar to the origin story of one of Marvel's oldest heroes, Luke Cage. After an enemy gets Luke Cage sent to prison, he becomes the favorite of a sadistic guard. The brutality this guard treats Cage with results in a demotion, and as a result, the guard sends Cage to a doctor who uses him as an experiment for cell regeneration. During one session, Cage is left unattended and the guard uses the opportunity to increase the amount of electricity running through Cage's body, hoping to seriously injure and eventually kill him. As a result, Cage comes into the powers he's now known for and has to learn how to operate within Harlem upon release with his newfound set of skills.

Minus the different city and characters, it sounds like the two shows may have quite a bit in common. Netflix and Marvel's Luke Cage, the third series in a five-show deal, debuts at the end of September.

Starz did not announce when Tomorrow, Today would be premiering on the network or who would be starring in it.