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New PaRappa the Rapper anime debuts in Japan this month

PJ Berri’s taking the lead

A new animated series of shorts based on PaRappa the Rapper, titled PJ Berri no Mogu-Mogu Munya-Munya, will debut in Japan on Aug. 18, Fuji TV announced this week. Don’t expect an epic exploration of PaRappa and his pals, however; episodes are slated to be about 96 seconds long each.

PJ Berri, the DJing bear and close friend of PaRappa the Rapper, may be the star of the show, but expect characters like PaRappa and Chop Chop Master Onion to make appearances.

The pilot episode of PJ Berri no Mogu-Mogu Munya-Munya airs next week on Japanese variety show Hi Poul. Additional episodes will roll out starting in October. No word yet on whether they’ll make their way outside of Japan.

PaRappa the Rapper had his own anime series, also on Fuji TV, back in 2001. The animated series ran for 30 episodes.

PaRappa the Rapper, the original PlayStation game created by Rodney Greenblat and Nana On-Sha, will turn 20 years old this December.

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