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Preacher showrunners teaming with Silicon Valley writer for AI comedy on FX

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg aren't slowing down

Preacher's Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are teaming up with Silicon Valley's Sonny Lee to write and develop a sitcom about artificial intelligence in the not too distant future for FX.

The show, Singularity, will focus on a world where artificial intelligence's capabilities greatly surpass those of the human race and how that affects every aspect of culture. While the premise of the series sounds entirely sci-fi, Lee told The Hollywood Reporter that like Silicon Valley there will be a level of satire that the show brings to the concept. Lee specifically reached out to Goldberg and Rogen because of how similar the tone of his show is to their apocalyptic comedy, This Is The End, which was released two years ago.

The magazine reported that Lee, Goldberg and Rogen landed the deal with FX, but the show received multiple bids from a variety of networks. The trio are currently working on the pilot for FX and will enter development in the next couple of months.

Goldberg and Rogen will still act as executive producers and showrunners on Preacher and don't have any plans to slow down the amount of feature-length films they collaborate on, either.

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