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Halt and Catch Fire's third season gets a surprise premiere following Fear the Walking Dead

AMC is pulling a Frank Ocean


Surprise album drops have been a thing in the music industry since 2014, but it looks like television networks are trying to get in on the hype, with AMC surprising viewers with an unannounced premiere of Halt and Catch Fire's third season.

The premiere debuted after Chris Hardwick's weekly night show, The Talking Dead, and the midseason premiere of Fear the Walking Dead. Television critic Alan Sepinwall had previously tweeted out his suspicions that the network was planning to do something with the return of the cult show. Sepinwall argued that the official programming block had Talking Dead scheduled for two hours and that just didn't make any sense.

Right before the show premiered at 11 p.m. ET, AMC's Jim Maiella tweeted out an image confirming the news, adding that fans of the show could get a sneak peek at the premiere that night. The third season was originally set to air tomorrow night. The show, which has had a tumultuous history at the network as it battled poor ratings, was renewed for a third season last year.

This season, the show — which focuses on the rise of the personal computer and the tech industry as a whole — will move from Texas to San Mateo, California and focus on the building blocks of Silicon Valley.

Halt and Catch Fire will air Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. ET on AMC.

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