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Gillian Anderson, Jamie Dornan return in new trailer for The Fall’s third season

Just keep swimming


Last season, The Fall ended with Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) cradling the body of sociopath Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) as he bled out after being shot — and upon the discovery that the girl he had kidnapped, Rose, was in fact alive.

The cliffhanger opened up quite a few questions, including whether or not Spector would survive and stand trial for the acts he had committed. Now, in the newest teaser trailer for the show’s third season, which can be seen below, some of those questions are beginning to get answered. In this trailer, we can hear a conversation taking place between Gibson and Spector as Gibson does laps in a swimming pool.

Their strange and twisted relationship is front and center as they talk about the hold they have over each other. It doesn’t provide too much insight into the future for either character, but does promise that the tense and creepy partnership of sorts that they developed last season would be back again in the new one.

The Fall is set to return for a third season this fall.

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