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John Oliver has the cure for superhero fatigue

Meet Johnny Strong

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is on hiatus, but that didn’t stop the titular host from doing a quick segment about the most "internet thing imaginable" and talk about superhero fatigue.

The term refers to the tiredness fans can sometimes find themselves afflicted with after a barrage of releases, and to combat it, Oliver designed an entirely new superhero that he believes moves away from the stereotypical storyline and opens up an entirely new dialogue around the genre. Johnny Strong, who by day goes by John Olivier, was designed by Oliver in the fifth grade and is described by the comedian as a "kick-ass hero with a bad attitude. He’s seen a boob and he knows what the f-word is."

In the video, Oliver gives a complete breakdown of why Johnny Strong is the superhero that people need right now, and provides a little more graphic details about the superhero’s quests and conquests. Throughout the video, Oliver stresses that he hopes executives at film studios are watching and taking notes, even hinting at where the studio could jump in and start adapting from.

The full video can be seen above. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver returns to HBO on Sep. 25 at 11 p.m. ET.