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Scrubs’ Zach Braff returning to television with new comedy series, Start Up

From 2001 to 2010, Zach Braff ruled television comedy with the hit series Scrubs. When that finished, he went into independent films, including Wish I Was Here, which he made with a $3 million Kickstarter campaign. Now Braff is coming back to television, with a new pilot for ABC called Start Up.

Braff will star and direct the pilot, according to a Deadline report, and will act as an executive producer alongside former Scrubs producer Matt Tarses. The series, which may receive a name change considering Crackle is about to release its own show with the same title starring Adam Brody, follows a man in his mid-30s who decides to quit his job and embark on a new career, much to the concern of his family.

Despite the prospect of a new series, Braff is still planning to work on feature films. His latest, Going In Style, debuts next year and it’s unclear if Braff plans to direct most of the series if it gets a full order from ABC or if he’ll mainly act.

Production has not yet started on Start Up, but it looks like ABC may want it for its 2017 fall season.